The president´s voice

Presidenta de la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos México

To the People of Mexico, To the victims:

When I took office, I pledged to reform the Commission in order to establish a better and more effective defense of human rights in Mexico, placing the interests of the victims at the center.

We are breaking with inertia, not dismantling the Commission but laying the foundations to make it what it should always have been: an authentic Ombudsman’s Office.

It has not been easy, because we are removing vices and interests, but we are firmly moving towards a new model of protection and defense of human rights that will undoubtedly result in a better attention to the citizens.

From the moment I assumed this task, I decided that the doors of the CNDH would be open to everyone.

This has been and will continue to be the case.


Because we believe in the people, and because a thousand times preferable to run the risk of things like the seizure of facilities, than to return to the facade institutions, which apparently “served the people”, but always remained closed to the people.

We are in a genuine effort to serve complainants and victims more effectively.

We are committed to improving the responsiveness of the CNDH and hope to walk this path hand in hand with the people, to strengthen it.

Let there be no doubt: in the face of governments, whether federal, state or municipal, in the face of any omissive authority, we will be on the side of the people, on the side of the victims.

That is my mission and my only commitment.

Thank you very much to all the staff of the CNDH.


Message from the President of the CNDH on the General Recommendation related to femicides

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